Fredenborg Harmony Orchestra is a band of about 25 woodwind players. We are not professionals but very enthusiastic and happy with our hobby. This is basically a non-commercial orchestra - we play for the fun of it! Since 2001 our conductor has been Hanne Riberholt who is also a professionnal saxophone player.

Fredensborg is a picturesque town 35 kilometers north of Copenhagen. The small town is mainly known for its castle where the royal family is living during the summer.

The orchestra is playing a broad repertoire from light music to marches, musicals, jazz - you name it!

We are mostly giving indoor concerts locally, e.g. in the Royal Boathouse, The Store Kro Inn, Asminderoed Inn, in Tivoli Copenhagen etc.Though outside park concerts or marches each year when the Queen is moving in are part of our activities, too .

Some years we play abroad, too - we have for instance played in Germany, Poland, Norway, Russia and Estonia.

We intend to go abroad again in the future so - if you happen to have some contacts to music schools or other communities in Europe we would like to hear from you. We just need a few places to play: parks, town halls etc. - and a place to sleep.

The best time of the year for travelling is Spring or September to ensure that most members are able to attend. The whole trip should not last longer than 3-6 days in all.
If your local ochestra wants to come to Denmark we can arrange that for you.

You are welcome to contact  Mr. Leif Eghøj in French, English or German: lehfransk@hotmail.com